Instrument Industry Needs To Break Through Difficulties

At present, the problems existing in China’s instrument industry are mainly manifested in scientific and technological content, innovation ability, product quality and reliability, and international market competitiveness. These problems ultimately point to the scientific and technological development, talent training, application and market expansion in the industry. These aspects are also the focus of our country to solve the problems of the instrument industry and promote the future development of the industry.

From the perspective of scientific and technological development, China needs to increase technological investment and innovation to adapt to the future trend of high automation and intelligence. Therefore, automatic control technology, automatic detection technology, safety instrument technology, sensor technology, wireless technology, etc. will become the key points that need to be focused and broken through in the future. Through continuous improvement of technology and product innovation, we will further develop from medium and low-end fields to high-end fields, so as to further compete with foreign enterprises in the market.

The innovation and development of science and technology cannot be separated from professionals, and the training of instrument professionals is very important. At present, some educational institutions in China do not pay attention to the curriculum of instrument and meter specialty, and there are few professional skill training institutions of instrument and meter, resulting in the extreme shortage of instrument and meter professionals. This is also the bottleneck and resistance of China’s scientific and technological innovation and other fields. Therefore, increasing R & D investment and cultivating professionals in the future is a major problem to be solved in the future.

Expanding the application fields and market channels of the instrument industry is also of great significance for the development of the instrument industry. At present, instruments and meters have been fully applied in traditional industries, especially metallurgy, thermal power and other industries. In the future, they will expand to emerging industries such as food, drug safety, Internet of things, smart grid and so on. The expansion of these new fields has also brought great opportunities for the development of the instrument industry.

Post time: Jul-19-2022