• Pressure Thermometer with Capillary Tube

    Pressure Thermometer with Capillary Tube

    Application Pressure type thermometer is used for measuring temperature of medium which is not corrosive to copper and copper alloy, and also measuring and controlling the temperature in production process of machinery,textile,chemical,pharmaceutical and foodstuff industries. Parameters Nominal diameter:φ150mm Thread: M27x2、M33x2 Case material: ABS Thermalbulb: red copper or stainless steel Pipe Duct material: capillary tube of red copper Connection material: carbon steel or stainless steel ...
  • Stainless Steel Bimetal Thermometer

    Stainless Steel Bimetal Thermometer

    Application Bimetal thermometer is used for measuring medium and low temperature field detector. A meter can be used to directly measure the temperature of gases and liquids. Compared with the glass mercury thermometer, it has the advantages of non-toxic, easy to read, firm and durable. Structure Principle Bimetal thermometers for temperature measurement are through the system internally, by the double metal material made of spiral spring type bimetal sheet to achieve temperature sensing. Its...
  • Electric Contact PressureType Thermometer

    Electric Contact PressureType Thermometer

    Application Electric contact pressure thermometers are widely used in mechanical, textile, chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries to measure and control the temperature in the production process. In addition to measuring the temperature of gas, liquid and steam, the electric contact thermometer can send electrical signals when the working temperature reaches or exceeds the set value. The thermometer can also be used to do the circuit contact switch inside the temperature regulating syst...