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Precision pressure gauges are mainly used to calibrate general pressure gauges and to accurately measure the pressure of liquids, gases and vapors that are not corrosive to copper and its alloys. It can also be used to calibrate or verify other pressure measuring instruments as well as other types of instruments whose display value has a certain functional relationship with pressure value.


The precision pressure gauge is composed of a measuring system (joints, Bourdon tube, etc.), a transmission system (pull rod, gear transmission mechanism), indicating parts (pointer and dial) and a casing (case, ring and glass). Its elastic elements are treated with a special process, combined with dedicated movement components.

When the pressure of the measured medium acts on the elastic element, the elastic element deforms and moves, and the transmission system is driven by the pull rod, so that the indicating device indicates the pressure on the dial


Diameter: φ150mm
Accuracy: 0.4%, 0.25%
Working Pressure:

  • Steady: 3/4 x full scale value
  • Fluctuating: 2/3 x full scale value
  • Short Time: Full scale value

Protection: IP65(Oil Filled)
Pressure Range: 0.1~ 60MPA
Connection Thread: M20x1.5
Elastic element: Qsn8-0.3 brass, stainless steel
Connection Material: Brass
Movement: Copper with Jewel Bearing
Case: CR1 steel sheet, die-cast aluminum alloy
Window: Common glass, PC glass


■Please read the instructions carefully before use.
■The pressure gauge should be installed horizontally or vertically.
■ Please use Hakin special medium pressure gauge when measuring the medium that is explosive or corrosive,easy to crystallize or solidify.
■If the influence of ambient temperature deviates from 20+3°C, the additional temperature error of 0.4%/10°C must be considered.

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lf you have other requirements, please confirm with our company's technical department before customizing.


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*Precision Pressure Gauge, Diameter φ150, Bottom Connected, Pressure Range 0~1Mpa, Connection Thread M20×1.5, Accuracy 0.4%.

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For safety, please select the correct model of product. If the product is selected or used improperly, it may cause property loss or personal injury. The designer and user of the system should be fully responsible for selecting the correct product and using the product in the correct way.

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