Stainless Steel Bimetal Thermometer

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Bimetal thermometer is used for measuring medium and low temperature field detector. A meter can be used to directly measure the temperature of gases and liquids. Compared with the glass mercury thermometer, it has the advantages of non-toxic, easy to read, firm and durable.

Structure Principle

Bimetal thermometers for temperature measurement are through the system internally, by the double metal material made of spiral spring type bimetal sheet to achieve temperature sensing. Its bimetal material is composed of two indivisible metal sheet, because the thermal expansion coefficient of the two metal sheet is different, so it will have different degrees of extension deformation under the temperature change. This extension deformation is proportional to the temperature. One end of the metal sheet is fixed and the other end is fixed with the indicating shaft, so as to drive the indicating shaft to rotate and indicate the corresponding temperature value on the dial when the metal sheet is extended and deformed.


Nominal diameter: φ 60mm, φ 100mm, φ 150mm
Accuracy rating: 1.5%
Connection thread: M16x1.5, M27x2, G1/2, PT1/2
Temperature range:20~ +80°C, 0~ 100°C,0 ~ 150°C,0~ 200°C, 0~ 300°C,0~ 400°C,0~ 500 °C
Case material: stainless steel SUS304, iron case chrome plating(Steel plate 08F)
Temperature sensing tube material: stainless steel tube
Temperature tube diameter: φ 6mm, φ 10mm
Joint material: carbon steel chrome plated or stainless steel SUS304
Instrument glass: : ordinary glass
Protection level: IP65


■Bimetal thermometer when measuring temperature sensing tube is immersed in the measured medium must be longer than the length of the sensing element, generally greater than or equal immersion length 75mm,0-50 degree range immersion length must be greater than120mm,to ensure the accuracy of measurement.
■|f the measuring medium is affected by pressure, it is necessary to select connector thread for sealing form.
■When measuring corrosive media, please pay attention to the material selection requirements.
■For other requirements, it must be confirmed by company technical department.

Model Code

lf you have other requirements, please confirm with our company's technical department before customizing.




Demo Mode


★Bimetal thermometer, φ 100 bottom installed, measuring range is 0-100°C, temperature sensing tube length is 150mm, external thread is M27 x 2

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Safety Warning

For safety, please select the correct of product. If the product is selected or used improperly, it may cause property loss or personal injury. The designer and user of the system should be fully responsible for selecting the correct product and using the product in the correct way.

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