Two Stage Regulator With Flowmeter

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Performance Introduction

■Main Usage
It is suitable for industrial manufacturing,laboratory, MIG/TIG welding and other occasions.

The body is made of high quality brass with its surface chrome plated.

The cover is made of high strength zinc alloy, and its surface is chrome plated.

■Inlet port
There is a built-in patent brass device for gas filtering inside the inlet, which increases the filtering area and the filtering efficiency.

With two-stage decompression structure, the output is more accurate and stable.

■Flow Regulating Valve
It uses stainless steel valve needle structure and has passed 6000 times switchtest.

■Flow Tube & Shielding
They are made of impact resistant composites.

■Pressure Gauge
It is equipped with a slow gas hole and can pass 25000 fatigue tests.

It conforms to KS of South Korea.

Ordering Guide

Model Gas Rated inlet pressure


Rated outlet pressure


Rated flow


Inlet thread Outlet thread
195TC-25L CO2, N2, H2, Ar, O2 15 0.3 25 G5/8”-RH(F) M12×1RH(M)

Order Remarks

Pressure Range

lnlet & outlet thread

lnlet & outlet gas form

Usage environment

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