Capillary Pressure Gauge for Electrical Appliance

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Capillary pressure gauges are used to measure the working pressure of steam in electric irons,wall stoves,steam generators and other household appliances.


Diameter:  φ 40mm, φ42mm
Working Pressure: static load to the upper limit of measurement 3/4, alternating load to the upper limit of measurement 2/3, short-term pressure to the upper limit of measurement.
Connection Thread: G1/4
Spring tube:  Tin phosphor bronze
Connection Material: copper alloy
Movement:  copper alloy
Casing:  ABS
Window:  PC glass


■With a sharp pressure changes or vibration environment.Plus environment protection device shall be added;
■Please do not pull the instrument shell by hand in the installation or removal,should use a professional wrench for installation;
■Pressure gauges shall be horizontal or vertical installation.
■Measurement with explosion danger ,easy to crystallization,easy solidication,corrosion resistance requirements,you should use Hakin special medium measuring instrument.
■The pressure gauge is to be used at an ambient temperature between -35°C~+70°C with a relative humidity not exceeding 85% (close to the lowest temperature will affect the normal work of the instrument)

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lf you have other requirements, please confirm with our company's technical department before customizing.


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★ Capillary Pressure gauge, back installation, measuring range is 0-4MPa,thread is G1/4, If you can provide measurement media and installation information, it can more quickly and accurately for the customer selection.

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For safety, please select the correct model of product. lf the product is selected or used improperly,it may cause property loss or personal injury.The designer and user of the system should be fully responsible for selecting the correct product and using the product in the correct way.

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