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Electric contact pressure gouge is suitable for measuring the pressure of liquid, gas and steam which have no explosion risk, no crystallization, and no corrosive effect on copper. It is used in conjunction with electrical devices (such as relay, contactor) to pre-set the maximum or minimum pressure volue and achieve automatic control and signal (alarm) purposes for the controlled system. It has measurement and control functions, and the upper and lower limits of the controlled pressure can be set ccording to needs. It is widely used in petroleum, chemical, power station, metallurgy. water 5upply and other industries, a5 well 05 electromechanical equipment.


An electric contact pressure gouge is composed of a measuring system, indicating ports, an electric contoct assembly, 0 case, an adjusting device and a junction box, etc.

When the pressure of the meosured medium acts on the elastic element, the elostic element deforms and moves, and the transmission system is driven by the pull rod, S0 that the indicoting device indicates the pressure on the dial. At the same time, the pointer drives the electric contact device to connect or disconnect the circuit, to achieve the purpose of automatic control and signal alarm.

There is an permanent mognet on the the electrical contact signal pin of the mognetic assisted model, which can increase the suction force of the contact and accelerate the contoct action, so that the contoct is stable and without arc It can efectively avoid connecting or disconnecting the circuit frequently coused by the vibration of the working environment or the pressure pulsation of the medium.

Therefore, this gouge hos the advantages of stobility, long service life, and higher contact power.


Diameter: φ60mm,φ100mm,φ150mm
Accuracy: 2.5%,1.6%
Working pressure:

  • Steady: 3/4 X full scale value
  • Fluctuating: 2/3 x full scale value
  • Short Time: Full scale value

Contact Power: 10VA, 30VA, 50VA
Working voltage: AC110V/AC220V I AC380V/DC24V
Control mode: Upper and lower limits, Reed Switch, Photoelectric Sensor, Magnetic Assisted
Connection Thread: M14x1.5, M20x1.5, PF(PT,NPT)1/2, etc.
Elastic element: Qsn8-0.3 brass / SUS304 / SUS316L
Connection Material: HPb59-1 brass I SUS304 I SUS316L
Movement: Brass / SUS304
Case: CR1 steel sheet | SUS304
Window: PC glass


■The wiring operation should be carried out by a qualified electrician.
■When debugging or switching the control section, the control circuit should be disconnected, and the power can be turned on after the operation is completed.
■Please read the instructions carefully before use.
■It is necessary to add a protective device for the pressure gauge in an environment with a sharp pressure change or vibration or pulsation.
■When installing or disassembling, don't pull the case of the gauge by hand, use a special wrench to install or disassemble.
■To measure oxygen, acetylene or other flammable gases, pressure gauges with oil prohibition signs should be used.
■The pressure gauge should be installed horizontally or vertically.
■Please use Hakin special medium pressure gauge when measuring the medium that is explosive or corrosive, easy to crystallize or solidify.
■The normal working environment temperature of the pressure gauge is -40°C~ +70°C, and the relative humidity is not more than 85%.

Model Code

lf you have other requirements, please confirm with our company's technical department before customizing.


Pressure Range & Accuracy


In order to meet the different needs of the measured medium, we have successively developed multiple models based on the original common models, such as shock-resistant, all stainless steel, all stainless steel shock-resistant, with reed switch electric contact, with isolation devices, etc. (Including different series for ammonia, oxygen, temperature resistance, shock resistance, etc.).

Boundary Dimension


Wiring Diagram




Demo Mode


★Electric Contact Pressure Gauge, Diameter φ 100, Bottom Connected, Pressure Range0~ 1MPa, Connection Thread M20x1.5

If you can provide information such as measuring medium, installation conditions, etc., we can select the model for you more quickly and accurately.

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Installation Structure

Pressure Range

Connection Thread

Safety Warning

For safety, please select the correct of product. If the product is selected or used improperly, it may cause property loss or personal injury. The designer and user of the system should be fully responsible for selecting the correct product and using the product in the correct way.

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