Injector Cutting Welding Torch

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Inject welding torch G01-30
Order number: 1480106003

Inject welding torch G01-100
Order number: 1480129006

Performance Introduction

Mainly used for welding, cutting and other related fields.

■The product is made of high quality brass. Streamline appearance design of the inner cavity, avoid gas vortex, explosion, reduce the probability of tempering.

■The handle is made of high quality ABS injection molding, durable, not easy to break.

■The valve handwheel is made of high quality aluminum alloy, the surface is oxidized copper plated with beautiful appearance and no easy oxidation and discoloration.

■ Needle and stem material by processing molding, it is easy to seal.

■ This product is equipped with cutting nozzle, the main parts are completely processed in accordance with international technology standards, cutting straight line and cutting ability strongly.

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